Greg L.


“I started working with Ali from TRIumph Coaching two months before my third marathon (Philadelphia). Using my goals, she built a training plan each week, helped me avoid injury, and provided excellent feedback after each workout. I had no idea I could improve so fast, or have as much fun as I did. During the same two month period, she also improved my swim times by over 15 seconds per 100 yards. I'm a huge fan of Ali and TRIumph Coaching! And, if you're wondering, I set a new personal record by 13 minutes and felt great after the race. Can't wait for the next one!”

Mel C. 


“My six weeks being coached by Ali was truly transformative. Ali took into account a detailed history of my past experiences in sports and what my goals were for fitness and triathlons.  She created personalized workouts for me each week that were challenging, but feasible. Ali helped me to stay focused on just one workout at a time – to push myself, but with my overall health and sustainability in mind.  After six weeks, I gained back strength I had not had in seven years and was prepared to not only compete, but completely enjoy my first triathlon. I was hoping just to be able to finish the race, but I ended up in the top third of female finishers.  My triathlon results could not have happened without Ali’s coaching. She was thorough and attentive through every aspect of my training, very responsible and accommodating to my ever-changing, overloaded schedule, and she taught me how to train with the essential balance of challenging myself, but having reasonable expectations that lead to incremental and long-lasting improvement. Ali also prepared me very well for the many logistical aspects of triathlons, from gear to transitions. Ali’s coaching led me to a wonderful experience for my first triathlon and the motivation to keep training and continue with my progress.”

Barry B.

Caldwell, NJ

“I am not a marathon or triathlon champion.  Far from it, in fact.  I am simply someone who wants to stay in shape and continue being healthy while participating in road races and triathlons.  Ali is a great coach who has helped me towards that goal.  She is patient, motivational, and knowledgeable.  She prepared weekly custom plans specific to my goals, helped me figure out optimum training regimens, and always gave excellent advice to keep me moving forward!”

Anna R.

Maplewood, NJ


“Alison has invested her time and energy both in an initial in-person meeting to really get to know me and my goals. She has also been using a very individualized approach in my weekly training plans. She touches base with me each week to find out how I am feeling and how I am progressing with my training before writing my upcoming plan. Alison also took me through a swim stroke analysis and gave very specific and targeted feedback that was easy to understand and follow. After just one session of working with her, I developed my stroke and thinking tremendously.  Alison shares her good advice and experience generously and in a positive way, and she is very passionate about my development."

Lisa W.

maplewood, NJ


"I have been so thrilled to work with Ali for the past couple of months.   She is very good about listening to your goals, understanding your challenges, and building a program to help you achieve your goals.   I wanted to focus on my running and she gave me some great tips and videos to help me improve my form as well as some great workouts to help me get faster.   I had never understood what zone training was about and now with the help of Ali I really understand how important it is to help improve your performance.   She is very motivational with all of her encouragement, but also is good at helping to push you to achieve the next level in your fitness.  I highly recommend Ali as a coach!"  


Aliza S. 

south orange, NJ

“Having Ali as my coach has been instrumental in enabling me to reach my triathlon and my personal goals.  Ali is a gifted coach who is extremely knowledgeable about triathlons, overall fitness and time management.  Ali has provided the tools and support to improve my overall fitness and also step up my game from casual to competitive triathlete.”

Brandon M. 

livingston, NJ

“Coach Ali provided me with the blueprints to train for, and successfully complete, my first Ironman.  After a few months of putting significant time into training on my own, I started to fear that there might be aspects of the race I was not properly preparing myself for.  What types of training should I be doing? How would I know what to do on race day?  I was a healthy eater, but isn’t there a nutrition aspect I should be factoring into my training?  I was putting so much time and money into this race that the last thing I wanted to do was have race day be a disaster.  Enter Coach Ali.

 Ali’s training plans were the perfect mix of training, and she held me to it.  She was hard on me, and that is what you want in a coach.  But, as important, she was also flexible.  She understood why I was competing in the race, and adjusted the training plans accordingly when needed because of family, work or other commitments.  When I let Ali know that I could not dedicate all my time to training and needed a plan that allowed me to get through the Ironman and enjoy doing so, she listened and adjusted accordingly, and created the perfect plan for me.   

Ali introduced me to the 4th element of Ironman – nutrition.  I 100% believe that because of Ali’s regimented nutrition plan, I never once got injured or even cramped during a training run or ride, and was able to have a perfect race day.  Ali literally wrote out to a tee every time I was supposed to drink, take a gel, eat a block, or lick salt (something I would never have done without her telling me).   

Ali was very accessible.  She was able to answer every question I had, and our prerace meeting was invaluable (how would I know to put extra socks in my special needs bag?).  She had set out personal goals, including hugging my family when I saw them on the race.  During the race, I actually got off my bike and kissed each member of my family, something I would never have thought to do if Ali hadn’t mentioned it.  She wanted to know how many times I peed during a bike ride; now that’s commitment from a coach! 

When the race finally came, I was totally prepared for everything.  I attribute that to Ali’s coaching.  I had a great race and enjoyed every moment – it was one of the best days of my life! If you are considering committing yourself to competing in an Ironman, I highly recommend doing so under Coach Ali’s expertise and guidance.”

Michele R. 

maplewood, NJ

“Coach Ali’s skilled, compassionate, and intuitive training process was instrumental in helping me conquer my goal of completing my first sprint triathlon recently. Her clinics were so helpful because they challenged both my body and my mind. In her bike clinic, Ali labeled every part of her own bike so I could learn the basic anatomy and terminology of a road bike. She also taught me how to pedal and change gears in a smarter way. In her swim clinics, Ali always followed up each session with applicable videos for us to study and drills to try on our own. Finally, as I struggled emotionally with my ability to properly breathe while swimming, Ali helped build up my confidence in our private swim sessions. When she told me she knew I could do it, I truly believed she meant it. Her confidence in me allowed me to believe in myself and ultimately achieve my goal of becoming a triathlete. A dream come true!”

Rhonda P. 

maplewood, NJ

“I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Ali of Triumph Coaching. As part of a local women’s triathlon group and someone with a limited athletic background, mastering the three sports has been challenging for me. Ali provided our group with thoughtful training plans; endless encouragement; patient, personalized support; and specialized clinics and workshops. Ali, having completed countless races herself, speaks from her own experiences in a way that truly resonates. Her background as an educator only enhances Ali’s tailored, knowledgeable approach to her coaching. I highly recommend working with Ali; I am so glad I did!”

Deb J. 

South Orange, NJ

“I am a 56 year old accidental triathlete. In my third season, I thought I had maximized my non-athletic middle aged body. Enter Ali. Ali is everything you would want in a coach. Her expertise is evident. She answers every question comprehensively and is readily available for issues large and small. Ali got me focused and taught me so much about proper training - form, mechanics, frequency, duration, equipment, nutrition. Truly nothing was left unexamined and all was newly illuminated. But the real Ali magic is that she believes in her athletes. She is optimistic and endlessly patient in moving forward towards the goal. I feel very fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Ali, and can’t wait to discover all of the ways she will continue to help me grow.”

Sarah T. 

Maplewood, NJ

“Ali, thanks so much for your help in reaching my goal of swimming 1.4 miles in Provincetown Harbor at the Swim For Life! Your clinic and lesson taught me easy ways to improve my stroke so that I swam with more efficiency and had more energy to make it across the choppy seas. I am excited to continue with open water swimming - you have been a great support getting started and gaining confidence!”